According to statistics, there are currently 3.5 million diabetes patients in Vietnam and 17 million hypertensive patients. Among them, the rate of patients controlling the disease is not high. About 34% in diabetic patients and 11% in hypertensive patients. One of the important reasons is due to the low adherence to treatment and the limited knowledge about the disease in Vietnamese patients. That is the reason for launching website is a non-profit website that provides information about diseases and useful tools to help patients and their patients have more knowledge and skills to treat hypertension and diabetes. Street.

Website is an important part of the First Day project developed by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Servier in partnership with the Vietnam Heart Association and Vietnam Endocrinology and Diabetes Association. The First Day (The First Day) is a community project to support doctors, pharmacists, health workers, medical facilities and most importantly patients in improving the quality of treatment and quality. life of hypertensive patients and diabetes mellitus.

The information on the website is drafted by doctors, pharmacists, medical staff and approved by the 2 above associations. All information on the website is to support patients and not for the purpose of introducing Servier’s drug products.